Monday, September 26, 2011

Random little Oddities...

A few strange things that have come about due to my illness:

  • A habit of slapping my face obsessively and repetitively - Adopted this habit to keep from scratching itchy skin
  • My eyebrows disappearing almost entirely - This one was curious, but I realized that the hairs actually broke off because of the repetitive impacts from my slapping hands
  • Eyelashes broken in half and now much shorter than they used to be - Same reason as above
  • Nausea and dizzy spells - Can you believe it... Also from slapping my face to much!
  • Inability to complete normal, every day tasks such as driving
  • Fear of people - I have become very anti-social, perhaps due to insecurities about my physical appearance
  • Inability to wear clothing - Unfortunately there are many times when I am forced to wear clothing, and when I am I can only wear loose pants with a strapless top or a long, loose, and strapless dress. Wearing anything on my shoulders nearly kills me.
  • Fear of eating food - I have allergic reactions to all foods now, so eating is a much less joyous occasion than it used to be
  • Extreme discomfort/itchiness from heat
  • Extreme discomfort from cold air blowing on me
  • Fear of sleeping in a bed - I have been sleeping on a couch now for a month.  

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