Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's Easier to Not Think

I have never gotten along well with shallow people. Their conversation makes me want to die a little bit. So dull, so petty, so vapid. Uhg.

I just realized that I have gotten into the habit of being shallow and vapid recently. Not with other people, but with myself.

It's interesting. I have NO problem telling almost anyone from a perfect stranger to my grandmother anything about myself, skipping no embarrassing details about any part of my life, feelings, or "sufferings". I am so open, that sometimes it actually bothers me. And usually I'm pretty honest with myself, and can figure out emotions and problems I'm dealing with. I'm sort of introspective. Okay, really introspective.

But the past week or two, I have been so distracted by my new found joy and freedom, that I haven't been real with myself about some issues that I have to spend time on and work through. I've just been trying to figure out how I can be more productive, or worrying about how I spend too much time on facebook, watching TV, and now that I am cataract free (praise Jesus forever) I keep thinking about what I should do or where I should go now that I can see again.
I've totally been ignoring the issues that still exist in my heart. I guess I thought they would just go away because things in my life are getting "better". I'm gonna list the ones I can think of right now, so I don't forget them later:
-Take the initiative in friendships/social interactions.
-Go OUT and be with people! You can't just sit at home and continue to be alone just because you're happier now and totally tight with God. It's still not healthy to have no people.
-Let go of the past. Release. Exhale. It's gone forever!
-Continue to be in prayer and the Word daily
-Honor your brothers in Christ with your dress
-Guard your heart guard your heart guard your heart.
-Continue to embrace your deep brokenness. This is key.

Found this as I was going through/deleting old pics today. Love it. 

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