Monday, March 5, 2012

In Regards to the Previous Post

You must know this. In my heart I will always desire a husband. I will always want to be some man's wife. To love and support a great man of God who's heart burns for ministry would bring me such joy. I want nothing more than to glorify God by being one in marriage. However, because of past experience, fear of more pain and broken hearts, and because I have peace of mind even in knowing that I may never have the privilege of being a wife and mother, I find myself prone to say things that I said in my previous blog post. I know I will survive without a husband if I have to. In fact, I will thrive. God has huge things for me in this life on earth. He has made me more passionate than any one human being should be able to be. Husband or no husband, I will be joyful and serve the Lord.

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