Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WAPF Conference 2011

This last weekend (Nov 11th-13th) I attended Weston A. Price's Wise Traditions Conference in Dallas. I cannot even begin to say how much I learned there, and I was also able to find so many resources for information on nutrition and health. I attended a session called Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and learned all about GAPS from the woman who discovered it and created a cure for it. I purchased the book she wrote, and am going to begin her GAPS program soon in order to heal my body from my sickness. I'm very excited to begin. The diet is a bit intimidating, but that is only because it involves a lot of cooking techniques that I have never used before. In the diet I will be making my own yogurt, sour cream, ghee, kefhir (sp.?), and fermented vegetables. I am extremely optimistic about this program, and believe that it can definitely heal my gut. Healing my gut will take away all of my symptoms: bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, food sensitivities, eczema, hair loss (hopefully), brain fog/lack of motivation, and my over all energy level. I'm so excited! It is going to be a long and difficult journey (estimated to take about 2 years), but it is well worth it.
Soon, after I organize the pages and pages of notes I took at the conference and read all of the book and sources I have now, I will be posting information/papers on my blog about different health issues, nutritional issues, and modern day food problems. The things I learned at the conference were extremely eye opening, and I just want to share as much information as I can in order to help/educate people on the truth of our human body's health, and how we can maintain it. The answer is not (usually) in doctor's prescriptions and drug after drug.
Instead of only treating our symptoms with drugs (which are usually doing more harm to our bodies in the long term than they are doing good-taking away our symptoms) , as Western doctors do today, we need to look a little bit deeper into our bodies and find the source of the problem which is causing the negative symptoms. This will result in complete healing. Our bodies are amazing and self-healing. We just need to provide our bodies with the right tools to heal itself... These tools being the food we put into our bodies, sunshine, and exercise. Now I will admit, it can get a bit complicated these days with how many toxins and pathogens we are exposed to, but these things are the roots of the tree - the food we eat, our happiness/emotional state, and exercise.
Can't wait to share more with you guys!

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